Ms. Velasquez, the Marathon Runner

By: Beatrize Southern and Joshua Loza

Ms. Velasquez is an 8th grade PE teacher here at SBJH. We recently heard that she was running marathons for different causes, and we wanted to learn more about it! So we did! 


In 2014, she heard John Huddle speak about how children in Africa die before the age of eight from contaminated water. He then invited her to start running marathons to help this cause. She is now the team captain for her local team. Every Saturday, she and her team go for a group run. following a schedule helps them stay on track. They start by running three miles and make their way up from that over the next five months. She says her motivation through the thought of a mother not being able to help her child keeps her going.


She doesn’t just run marathons for the water crisis in Africa, she also runs marathons for child sponsorships. This sponsors children in different countries, helping them go to school, buy books, buy school uniforms, and things the child’s family needs to get out of poverty. Besides her running with her team, Ms. Velasquez runs with her kids every may.


Overall, Ms. Velasquez is very supportive when it comes to the water crisis in Africa. I had a great time getting to know a little more about her and the marathons she runs!


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