By Sasha Drucker


The screen lights up green. You answered the question correctly, and it boosted you up to second place! You pray and pray, on the next question, and the first place person got the question wrong, and you move up. It’s the 13th out of 15 questions, and you’ve got this one in the bag. That is, until, on the final question, you get it wrong. You plummet down to 17th place, with all hopes of gold gone before your eyes.

What is it about Kahoot that everybody loves? Is it the rhythmic music? The competitive nature? According to a poll, people seem to love how fun they are and how they encourage learning. One eighth grade student said, “The way it’s made feels targeted to make you learn stuff faster.” Speaking from experience, it definitely helps me learn with the motivation to get first place in a class. When the teacher informs the class that a Kahoot will take place, you know that the class will love it.

The feature that lets one create their own Kahoot is another added bonus. It’s a lot of fun to test your friend on how well they know you, or just on random topics.

A lot of people compare Kahoot to Quizizz, but they are entirely different. Quizizz takes place at all different times, with different questions and finishing at different times. Kahoot is generally live, with everyone answering the same questions at the same time. Quizizz is easier for teachers because students can play them at home and students can go at their own pace, but contrary to popular belief, you can do that on Kahoot as well. If you go to play a Kahoot, you can hit practice and you can do a Kahoot at your own pace, and alone.

 Something about Kahoot makes it so much more fun than Quizizz. Both have music, but Quizizz has memes that appeal more towards kids, and Kahoot doesn’t. One student said that the competition is better in Kahoot, which makes sense because it is typically live. 

Kahoot is a wonderful game, and it compares to no other.

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