Social Distancing: What is it?

by Beatrize Southern

Throughout this whole COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all been told one thing, we need to social distance. But many people are confused as to what social distancing is and how it is effective. Well, this article is here to help you understand, so keep reading!

What is social distancing? The CDC defines social distancing as, “keeping a safe distance between yourself and other people who are not from your household.” So, basically social distancing is staying away from people who aren’t in your family. I’m pretty sure that we all know that when we social distance we have to stay 6 feet apart, but that doesn’t mean just from people in front and behind you, it’s people all around you. Think of it this way. Social distancing is like a big circle around you, and from the center of that circle(you) to the outer edge of it(other people) should be 6 feet, and not just in front and behind you, all around you.

Why is social distancing important? Well, it’s important because it keeps you and others safe. If we didn’t social distance, COVID-19 would’ve spread way faster, and taken more people’s lives. So, no pressure, social distancing is kinda your way of saving lives. So next time you go outside, remember about the social distancing circle, wear a mask too, and stay safe!

One response to “Social Distancing: What is it?

  1. Great job Bea! I hope everyone keeps their distance and cases go down so we can all be reunited on campus sometime during this school year 🙂

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