Online Learning Strategies

By Clara Watson

As we transition our way this year to online learning, I thought it would be helpful to develop some effective strategies to use during zoom school to share with everyone. This way we can all be more successful and productive during a rather difficult and strange time. 

A strategy that is so important to maintain during online learning is self motivation. Because we aren’t physically in class together everyday, we have a lot more independence with school. In order to not fall behind and get overloaded with work, we have to try even harder to motivate ourselves. A way I like to motivate myself is to set reachable goals at the beginning of the week, so that way you can maximize your productivity with the end goal in sight. If you place little checkmarks for yourself throughout the week, and plan when to finish assignments, you’ll be surprised to find out how much you can get done. I know zoom is difficult right now, and we’re all a little screened out, but if we can keep ourselves motivated and positive we can really become successful, as long as we remember to get outside once in a while too!

Another helpful strategy is to stay organized. We will have to stay even more organized this semester since we are online and managing all of our school work through an iPad. Make sure to label all documents and files, and take the extra time to organize your Google Drive and other apps. It’s also important to keep your workplace at home neat and clean, and eliminate as many distractions as you can. You can’t forget to keep up to date on all your classes. For me it’s been a little stressful to have 6 different classes and teachers. I found it helpful to check every class’s NEO at night, so that way I know what assignments are completed, and what I need to get done tomorrow. This definitely helped me stress less about school work. It’s so great for your mental health to stay organized and relaxed in school, everything will be so much easier and achievable that way. If you can keep your workplace and iPad organized, I assure you that you will have so much of a better and more productive time throughout online school, see you on zoom!

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