Meet Mr. Koeing

By Beatrize Southern

As we all may know, we have a new principal! His name is Mr. Koeing, and this isn’t his first time at a new school. He has been to many schools, as a teacher, as a principal, an administrator, and more. His story is very exciting, so keep reading to learn more!

Growing up, Mr. Koeing was surrounded by amazing teachers, such as his amazing biology teacher, Mr. Wilson, and his awesome history teacher, Mr. Allison. He said these teachers helped him decide he wanted to teach, and he knew he wanted to teach when he was about 15, and he went through with it! He’s been to many schools throughout his life, he started off as an art teacher, then went on to work in an exchange school. He taught many subjects at several schools also, such as world history, economics, Spanish, and more. He even taught English as a second language at Oxford Union. He was also a principal at a few different schools, such as Providence, Gateway, and now SBJHS.

He had to deal with many troublesome kids during his time like as a teacher he had a classroom full of behavior issues, and in six months, he turned that all around. One of his most exciting years as a principal was his time at Gateway, the lowest-performing school in the county. His job was to improve this school, and he succeeded. He brought grades up, fixed behaviors, and made an all-around better environment. His quote was “If you don’t bring drama to school, you won’t have any at school.”

Overall, Mr. Koeing is a great teacher, principal, and person! I am very excited to have him as our principal this year!

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