Getting to Know Mr. Valdez

By Nicole Buist

This year we get to introduce Mr. Valdez to SBJH. He is the new science teacher, so I interviewed him to get to know him better. 

Mr. Valdez is from North Hollywood, and before becoming a science teacher he was a Target employee for 4 years. He became a science teacher because when he was younger he had a passion for science but all his friends didn’t like science because the teacher wasn’t nice. So he decided he wanted to be the cool, friendly science teacher. His favorite science activities are the ones that involve animals and plants. He also loves going on walks because it’s fun to spot out animals and birds and know exactly what type of animal they are.

When I asked him to describe himself in a sentence he said he is chipper but also random, which is surprisingly a song lyric as well. He is a super enthusiastic and happy guy, who loves trying lots of new things. Music is definitely a big part of Mr. Valdez’s life. He really enjoys listening to music, and even used to be a music theater teacher. A memory from Mr. Valdez  was from junior high he was called Glass Ankles because he would always break his ankles when he was playing volleyball. When I asked him what his favorite quote was he said, “No! Try not! Do or do not, there is no try.” The quote is from Yoda.

Mr. Valdez is so excited to be here. He can’t wait to build relationships with his students and continue doing what he loves. We are so happy to have you Mr. Valdez.

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