Spooky Story Challenge 

Compiled and edited by ASB & Journalism Students

A joint project with ASB/Journalism and English classes, students were asked to submit the scariest original piece of fiction they could write in one paragraph. Thank you to Ms. Johnson, Ms. Mezetta, and Ms. Valdez for your participation and special thanks to ALL the students who submitted work for this challenge: Kassanra Contreras Lopez, Sammie Martinez, Angela Valente Tornez, Zaid Diaz, Xavier Moreno, Shane Davis, Crystal Ortiz, Joaquin Bailey- Musacchio, Emiliano Lopez Fernandez, Breydi Ponce, James Dennett, Khaliah Owen, Alexander Velasquez, Samuel Ramirez-Navas, Lila Warren, Natalie Warren, Jordan Schmoller. 

Below, please find the three scariest stories that adhered to the one paragraph challenge. Read on, if you dare.

Beatrize Southern: It’s Halloween night, the night of fears. Every year, one person is selected to go through, The Test. The Test is a simulation-based on your worst nightmares. This year, 17-year-old Natalie was chosen, which coincidentally, is me. They came to retrieve me while I was sleeping. The next thing I knew I was in a dark room, with some sort of crackling noise. I instantly knew what it was. Fire. I tried to escape, but I was stuck onto something, and then I saw it, the flames. They came rushing towards me. I thought I was going to faint, but just as they got to me, they stopped. I was in a glass box. Then, I felt something drop onto my head, crawl down my arm, and look me straight in the face. Spiders. Once the thought crossed my mind, more starting dropping onto my head, down my back, arms, legs. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t. All of a sudden, the spiders vanished, and I was in the woods. No, I was lost. I gave up. Who knows what they’ll do to me next, I guess we’ll find out…

Hazel Heckles: Today was the day. Even my eyes knew it was the day. They sat heavily on my face. The clouds were dark and scary looking. I wondered if this was going to be the longest day of my life or the shortest. I walked downstairs and heard a loud bang. All of a sudden my body became tense and alert. I looked into the kitchen to see something standing there with pots in their hands. I looked again and it disappeared. I was scared for today. How many things were going to be here? I tiptoed back upstairs and into my bedroom. I sat on my bed and looked out the window hoping the clouds would clear. But no they stayed there. I opened my door to walk downstairs but then something tapped me on the shoulder. I turned my head. Nothing there. But then a voice said, “They are coming for you today, are you ready?” It was a deep hissing sound. I turned again to see nothing. I was disappointed and scared. But then another tap on my shoulder. I didn’t turn and walked right out of my room into my parents’. I was there to ask my mother what her Rise from the Young Age was like, because today was my Rise from the Young Age.

Oscar Seltzer: Shattered glass crunched underfoot, as the now crimson walls screamed for me to leave. Skittish, I raised my flashlight, my eyes flickered side to side, trying to leave nothing unseen. I stiffly stifled a yelp as glass penetrated my shoes, contributing to the slickness underfoot. A whispering breeze caressed my face, as my wobbly legs propelled me toward the end. The wind howled down the hall, volume increasing with every cry. I came to a stop, brow coated with sweat as I shone my light into another room. The light illuminated a sparse office, papers swirling in the wind. Seeing an outline in my peripheral, I spun, however, there is nothing to be seen, just the long crimson hallway. Staring back down the hall, the shadows seemed to hold many secrets, as it seemed to snuffle my light, closing in on me. My fear gave way to pain as something plunged through my stomach. Falling to the glass, a chill spread through my body, enveloping me, promising a sweet end to existence. My eyes struggled to stay open as a second pain in my chest caused me to spasm. I withered away, as the chill consumed me, severing my connection to life as I knew no more. With a final thought, I knew that I would forever be part of this place, my life sprayed across the walls like a Jackson Pollock painting.



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