Halloween & Dia de los Muertos Roundup

Thanks in large part to the efforts of the ASB and Journalism clubs and  Ms. Harms, Dean of Students, SBJHS celebrated Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos in great style. Below you see the winners of the Halloween costume contest, the decorating contest, and the pumpkin carving contest. Many thanks to all students, families, and staff who submitted their photos and generated buzz to promote our Halloween contests!

Congratulations to all the winners of the Halloween contests!

The Halloween Poll that SO many SBJHS students filled out gave us a clear sense of your Halloween Favorites! For example, Twix and Kit Kat tied for SBJHS’S favorite candy. If you were going to choose a Spooky Sidekick to take with you, the favorite choices in descending order are: ghost, black cat, werewolf, vampire, and skeleton. Finally, of the nearly 20 movies submitted by SBJHS students, The Nightmare Before Christmas and It were the big winners. 

Brandon works with pipe cleaners and tissue paper.

For Dia de Los Muertos, students in Ms. Carmean’s classes made tissue paper marigolds, of “flowers of death” as they are known in Honduras and Guatemala, to guide the spirits back from the dead. There are two important things to remember about Dis de Los Muertos: the flowers are bright and pungent so that the spirits can find their way back, and the spirits of children are celebrated on the first day and spirits of adults are celebrated on the second day of the holiday. 

Luisa with a finished marigold.

Keep your eyes open for new opportunities to get into the holiday spirit with ASB and Journalism at SBJHS! We want to thank all the students and staff members who told corny jokes, submitted pictures, tallied results, and made SBJHS a better place over the Halloween and Dia de los Muertos holidays.

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