The First Rule of Punk Book Club Spotlight

By Clara Watson

Our school is lucky enough to have their own book club. November’s book club read was The First Rule of Punk. It’s a quirky and light-hearted story about creating new friendships, and finding your voice. It follows Malú as she navigates her way through a new school after she and her mom move to Chicago. Now a silver lining of having a book club on Zoom is that any kids who participate get to have the last book club meeting with the author of the book they are reading! SBJH students Anahi Madrigal and Sophie Moore were both kind enough to share with me their experiences they had in the last book club.

Anahi really enjoyed discussing the book with other students, because it helped her to recall all the key moments of the book better. It also helped her figure out what questions she may have about the book. She also discovered that book club helps you get more out of the book, especially when you get to meet the author. Anahi remarked, “The book club is somewhere where you can discuss the book and what you liked about the book and what stood out to you.” I think this is a perfect description for the book club, and illustrates how important it is to read among peers. 

They both would totally recommend book club to a friend. Sophie touched on how it is so rewarding when you get to socialize with people who are enjoying the same book as you. It’s a way for people to get excited about reading who normally wouldn’t be that into it, and a way for students to share their love of books and ideas. Something Sophie said that stuck with me was, “Participating in book club gives you a point of view that you wouldn’t get anywhere else,” I was able to attend the meeting for the latest book club, and I couldn’t agree more. 

I think the coolest thing about book club is that its members get to attend a webinar with the author of the book they’re reading. Celia C. Pérez was the guest author for the November book club. Celia C. Pérez is the author of, The First Rule of Punk and Strange Birds: A Field Guide to Ruffling Feathers. She was originally from Miami, and now lives in Chicago with her family. She enjoys writing books about “lovable weirdos and outsiders,” as her website states. She enjoys making zines just as much as the main character, Malú, does in The First Rule of Punk. And Celia C. Pérez shares Malú unforgettable hatred for cilantro as well. Sophie and Anahi described Celia C. Pérez as artistic, affable, edgy, and very hard working. They both shared how inspiring and memorable meeting with the author was. 

Right now I am in the latest book club and I’m having a blast! Personally, I cannot wait to meet Emma Steinkeliner at the next webinar on Monday December 14, at 3:30 PM. She wrote and illustrated a hilarious and captivating graphic novel about a modern day 13 year old witch who just discovered her powers. I hope this article gives readers an introduction to the amazing book club at our school, and inspired students to join SBJH book clubs in the future. Always be keeping your eye out for Mrs. Chilton’s emails with updates on upcoming book clubs. I would like to give a special thanks to Sophie and Anahi, who I was able to interview for this article. Stay safe, and keep reading!

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