Why Journalism Deserves To Be a Class Again: Part Two

By Nicole Buist

Hello, my name is Nicole Buist. I am one of the journalists for our Journalism club and I am here to tell you why this club should become a class. First of all, some people’s schedules might be packed because they have school but then they might have after-school activities that might not allow them to do Journalism. So, if Journalism was a class it would be something in their schedule and they would enjoy it. An example of this is that this year Clara and I were the only participants in this club and even though we had loads of people wanting to join, they couldn’t  due to their schedule. 

Second, in Journalism we learn very important life skills. We learn responsibility because we learn to write articles and to be on time to interviews and when articles are due. Writing articles helps us because we learn different ways to write them and they also might apply to jobs in the future, such as becoming a teacher or becoming a journalist. We also learn how to conduct interviews. Learning how to do interviews helps because no matter what job you have you must write an email either to reply to someone or to ask for something. We learn this in Journalism because we are always emailing directors and their publicists to get in touch with the directors. By conducting interviews, we learn to listen and we learn how to interview people for potential jobs in the future. So, even if you are a CEO of a company or somebody working for a local newspaper you need to learn how to interview people and how to write emails. 

Also at our school we have electives such as woodshop. In my opinion, Journalism class would be more effective for learning. If we did have a Journalism class it would prepare more students for jobs in the future than woodshop would. Most people take woodshop for fun and fun only while people who would take Journalism would have fun but also it would prepare them for the future by learning responsibility. I am not saying that woodshop should not be an elective, I’m only suggesting that if we have woodshop as an elective then why shouldn’t there be a Journalism class? 

Not to mention, having a Journalism class will bring popularity to our school. I mean, if we have a Journalism class then students will join; they’ll write articles and share those articles with friends and family; and then more and more people will see our SBJH website and want to join our school. 

So, a Journalism class will help our school and our students. Even if you might not be able to make this a class next year, I hope that this club becomes a class for all the future writers out there. Thank you for your time.

One response to “Why Journalism Deserves To Be a Class Again: Part Two

  1. Nice writeup, Nicole, but I respectfully suggest there are PLENTY of real world applications for woodshop if students want to pursue that as a career someday.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to simply take both, and not have to choose, though?

    That’s the education most folks in your parents’ generation received. For example, back in the twentieth century when I was in junior high, I took band AND Spanish in addition to math, social studies, English, PE, and science.

    Maybe it’s time we started looking at why we don’t have seven class periods for EVERYONE and two electives for EVERYONE instead of converting classes into clubs.

    Maybe it’s time for the adults reading this to explain why they’re ok giving their kids an education that isn’t as robust as their own.

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